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Friday, July 17, 2009


Andy Belanger (Andy B.) and I agreed to collaborate on a project a few years ago, and things have always stalled out (usually on my end). We did chat about it in New York again, and if I can get the damn thing written, I think Andy would be game to wrap it up.

Lately Andy's been tearing it up over at Zuda.com with Bottle of Awesome: www.zudacomics.com/bottle_of_awesome

So here are the cover inks for THE MAN CALLED....COFFIN!, followed by a couple of finished pages (click on the cover and the last page for massive views):

Friday, April 24, 2009

Hawaiian Dick Debris: Bone and Latour

The rarely seen original Hawaiian Dick sketches by J. Bone, who was intended to have been the original artist. He also did a great little color sketch that I've somehow lost. If you read the backmatter in the first Dick trade, you'll notice Steven asking me in an early exchange whether or not he should stick to Bone's take, or go his own way. Ultimately, he went his own way.

Jason Latour drew the "second printing" cover for the latest HAWAIIAN DICK #1. Here's his mockup of the cover (he conceived and completed the cover in a day), followed by the published version:

Finally, here's a little rough that Latour did a while ago. I get a kick out of it: