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Friday, December 5, 2008

The Timely Sketchbook

Over the past couple of years, I've asked friends to contribute to my Timely sketchbook. Most of them have obliged (except for Jeremy Haun, who is a douchebag). I think I'm missing a couple of scans, but I'll add 'em if I find 'em.

As anyone who knows me understands, I'm a geek for the lunatic fringe characters of the Golden Age, and Marvel/Timely had some of the most gonzo nutjob characters of the era.

So, without further ado:


Mike Norton's Blue Diamond:

Mark Englert's Captain Wonder, cheered on by Whitewash Jones (a real Marvel character from the forties):

Shane White's Blazing Skull. Shane thought the Skull's flames were fur, but it still looks kickass:

Rick Remender's Captain America, and one of the coolest takes on the Human Torch I've seen:

Andy MacDonald's Fin:

Chris Samnee's Golden Age Vision:

Ryan Ottley's Miss America:

Ed Tadem's take on Miss America (color!):

Kalman Andrasofszky's Golden Girl in bondage:

Kevin Mellon's Golden Girl about to get flattened by a train:

Grant Bond with another Blazing Skull:

Erik Larsen's Challenger:

Steven Sanders' Fin is full of angst:

Christopher Mitten with one more Fin:

Robbi Rodriguez and the Vision:

Tim Seeley's bootylicious Miss Fury:

Jason Latour's Blazing Skull:

Sean Dove tackles the Thunderer:

Dave Bryant's manga Sun Girl:

Nate Bellegarde's Marvel Boy:

Chuck BB's conflicted Destroyer:

Shawn Crystal's punching Patriot:

Kody Chamberlain's Thunderer:

Speaking of the Destroyer, he's one of my all-time favorite characters, so it's only fitting that three of my favorite artists (and people) tore the hell out of some amazing Destroyer double-page sketches:

John Lucas does a mix of old and new, with our boy battling Nazi apes (of course):

Paul Azaceta, always amazing with the ink:

And, finally, Tony Moore absolutely nails our hero as he smashes the shit out of some pesky JAPANESE subs and...things:


David said...

Oh man. This sketchbook is epic. Thanks for sharing.

Tony said...

Nazi subs? those are very clearly Japanese, and they're very clearly in the South Pacific, you turd!

BCM said...

Wait...was this before or after the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?